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I am form Argentina and I am beginning the process of applying for a study permit in Canada. I already have the college acceptance letter and am gathering the required documents to begin the online application. The only drawback I am having is in terms of the required proof of funds. I have the cash but I do not have it in any bank account, since the well known economic banking situation of Argentina. I have been inquiring about the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) in Canada, which would be an alternative, but I do not have the possibility of making an international transfer due to the economic restrictions in terms of foreign currency. I wanted to know how I can proceed with the visa process. At this moment I can demonstrate the payment of the college, but I wanted to ask you how else I can demonstrate the funds, due to the whole situation in the country.

The embassy here in my country responds:
You can submit a notarised letter stating how many funds you have, plus its translation. In addition, you will have to submit a letter in English or French explaining why your funds are not in the bank and their origin.

Does anyone know what the notarised letter has to say ??
Thanks in advance.

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