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Proof of Funds and Education Documents to attach in the PR Application


I have 2 questions, one about bank statements and one about the education documents.

1) BANK STATEMENTS QUESTION – I have got bank statements from all my banks (both Indian and American Banks) and I have got a gift deed (notarized) for a certain amount and a notarized affidavit for said gift deed. Should I combine all these documents into a single PDF and then upload it in the Proof of Funds section of the application? If not, please advise.

2) EDUCATION DEGREES/DIPLOMAS QUESTION – In this section, should I combine my Master’s Degree Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree Certificate, WES Education Credential Assessment (ECA) and the IELTS Scoresheet into a single PDF and upload it? If not, please advise.

Your responses are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for them :)


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