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Principal Applicant not receiving updates on email

Hi All,
Recently we got request letters for Biometrics and Medical. I am the sponsor and have linked the application to gckey. We got the updates only on the gckey account and PA did not receive any email regarding the letters. Also, we didnt sign any representative form to make Sponsor the representative. I also verified the email address on the forms and the application, the email is correct there as well.PA checked in the junk email folder as well but nothing is there. Are the emails bouncing? Has this happened to anyone?? Is this something we should be worried about. Because as per my experience with my own EE profile, the last Ready for Visa COPR only comes via email and not by gckey. I know there is time left for decision made on the application but my only concern is if PA is not receiving emails now, she might not receive it later as well. And we would not know the updates on the application later on in the stage.
Seniors, please advise on this, should I be raising a webform and asking about the same or this generally happens?

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