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PR Refused under CEC | Canada Immigration Forum

1. What kind of work permit did you have, and what kind of work permit will you have when it is renewed? (Is or has your employer applied for an LMIA?) – Its closed work permit and will be same post renewal as well. LMIA is exempted for org that i work. SO you have a ICT work permit.

1.a. If the job is LMIA-exempt, had you worked for the same employer for at least one year before applying? –
I work for same employer since 2014 in India and since Sept 2017? in Canada.

2. What was the exact wording of the employment term in the job offer letter? Was it an offer of employment for at least one year after you become a permanent resident? i found these lines – Your overseas assignment at Canada shall be for a period of twelve (12) months from the “Date of Travel”. This period of deputation shall not be extended unless communicated in writing.

From this, it is not clear if you used an old job offer letter (not good), or got a new one… But this is the reason you lost the 50 points – you did not get a (new?) job offer letter with an offer of employment for at least one year after becoming a permanent resident. It also says it will not be extended, plus, “Date of Travel” is very vague, esp if you´re already here.

Do you think these lines played key role in refusal?
Yes, absolutely.

However, these are standard letters given everyone who travels on overseas assignments. I know many of my colleagues on same NOC code with same letters, have got their PR approved.

Your application was refused because your recalculated CRS score fell below the cutoff for your draw. Some of your colleagues may have had enough points without the Job Offer points. The timing of their application may have allowed the VO to accept it. And sometimes it comes down to the judgment of the VO. Some VOs are more “by the book” than others.

Some people here have reported being accepted (as you say), so despite the fact that I don´t think your letter meets the requirements, you can send by Webform a Request for Reconsideration, but you would have to explain why you think the VO made an error in refusing your application. Chances are that the request will be refused, but since some people are accepted in this scenario, you could try.

In the meantime, start a new profile and see if you can increase your points without the job offer…

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