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I haven’t received the ITA yet but I hope to receive it soon.
I have a question regarding Personal history – I read somewhere that we have to provide all the addresses where we have lived.
As an international student, I have lived at a lot of places in the past. But I have same address on my all the pay stubs, transcripts, bank letters, job letter and the address I have provided in my Express entry. But I have different address on my driver’s license
(It’s from a different city as car insurance is cheap there) and also when I filed for taxes last year and the year before I wrote my old addresses from different cities

My questions are,
1. Is it okay if I just write that one address in the forms or should I provide all the addresses?
2. Is my driver’s license’s different address gonna be a problem?
3. If you write wrong/incorrect information in this Personal History section by mistake, how likely is this to affect our application?

Your answers would be appreciated.


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