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Hi guys,

I have some questions for you.
1) I have turned 18 while travelling internationally. In the Travel History session, should I put the starting day of this trip as the day I have turned 18 or should I put the actual day I have arrived at the country even though I was still 17?
2) In the aforementioned trip, I did a 1 month english course. I got a certificate but I didn’t take any final tests and I don’t even have this certificate anymore. Should I put it as Educational Activity or Unemployed? If Educational Activity, in “field of study” should I select “English or French as second language”?
3) On personal history they ask you to list all organizations you’ve been part of, including the professional ones. Should I list my profession’s Council (eg., Medical Council)? Because in my country we have to pay an annual fee to this Council to mantain our professional registration number and be allowed to continue to practice.

Appreciate your answers!


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