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PCC postal from Alberta | Canada Immigration Forum

No its always printing this way for this particular sheet. Strange that everything above it is clearly printed just the central heading saying consulate gen of India is coming half printed. I guess I will proceed like this.
Also, as I pile up the documents, its
1)application form
2)passport photocopy self attested
3)work permit photocopy self attested
4)Address proof photocopy self attested
5)bank draft of $44.40

i asked purolator to get an envelope for me. So i just need to print the label and paste it on the envelope right?

anything related to drop off that needs to be done at all from my side? Any proof or anything that I should send? They say Add return courier charges on the checklist. What would that be?

thanks so much @ishakeshavan for your responses and help all along this process. Best wishes for your application

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