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Part time work experience points calculation/claim help needed

Hi all,

I believe someone in the group might be able to give a correct answer to my question:

Firstly, I do have full time work experience of 2 years for which I have claimed points. Working for a US company currently and located in USA itself.

Secondly, my main problem/ambiguity is with my 1.5 years of part time work experience which I did when Studying in USA. Now the part time work hours were flexible and not fixed.

Just wanted to know if I could claim any points for that work experience since I already have 2 years of full time job in US work experience.

Any idea if the part time work experience minimum works hours should be 15/week or can be a little less. I worked some weeks like 8 or 10 hrs/week. Now it is not that I need this part time work experience to meet minimum requirements but just to increase my CRS score.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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