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Parents Sponsorship – Eligibility Query

Hello Members,

I am planning to sponsor my parents, not sure if I am eligible. I appreciate if you can advise reading the below :-

I am PR since 2016. However, I was working in Middle-East at that time; therefore I did soft-landing in Canada and returned. I came back in the year 2019 permanently to Canada.

Now, I have just one notice of assessment because I filed tax for 2019 this year as prior to it I wasn’t living here. Now, to sponsor parents, one needs to show that he can support them, therefore required to meet LICO + 30% for the past three years.

– Can I show my year 2019 notice of assessment and my 2017, 2018 income proof from middle-east to confirm that I meet the requirement and eligibility, seeing I am PR since 2016?

– Can I file for taxes for years 2017 and 2018 here in Canada now, as a foreign income which will not be considered taxable as its prior to landing; however prove that I meet the minimum requirement?

I know it’s going to be a little tedious but want to ensure if I am eligible. Please suggest.


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