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Pakistani wedding rituals | Canada Immigration Forum

Hello, i am sponsoring my husband for canadian PR. We are first cousins and were in long distance before marrige too. Because of a death in family,that was close to both families ,we only had one function nikkah and ruksati together without any rasams. I showed our marrige certificate and our room decor of wedding night, 5 pics before marrige and after marrige and during marrige in total 20 as asked and our 180,000 messeges before and after marrige of 3-4 years. We sis not putvthe quran over our head as we so not belive in it. My family has also witnessed and signed a letter and even my freinds, family have . We have also showed the death certificate of our grandfather who passed away.I left two weeks after our marrige because i had to return back to work. We were planning our honeymoon but because of covid we could not go . Do you think that all this would be sufficent as we could not have the wedding we planned, we are still planning to go for honeymoon in November if things get better. My wedding is 100 percent genuine but i went to a lawer for consultation and he said that many get rejeceted specially from pakistan. Im counting days to see my husband and i get scared of rejection. Do genuine marriges get rejeceted too ? Just because i did not do the full functions will they reject it because of that ?


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