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Pakistan spousal – please help

Hello , im a canadian citezen since 2001 and i recently got married on December 25 2019 with my cousin in pakistan . It was love and arranged . My cousin and I love eachother And were in a long distance relationship before our marrige. We Asked My husbands grandfather to ask my father for my hand and they agreed . However Ahtishams grandfather passed away a month before the date that was fixed. He passed away in november we got married in december. We had a Nikkah and ruksati the same day as it was such a close member to our family that we did not want to have a huge wedding with mehndi, Rasams, songs ect. I left for canada 2 weeks later as i had a job and i could not stay too long . we planned our honeymoon but corona came along and we could not visit eachother.I really love my husband and i get scared if it will get rejected because we did not have all the functions and i did not have the Quran over my head ( we dont belive in it ) we also do not have many pictures. I sent my application in April 15th and only have my application number with the help of the MP i did not receive anything from IRCC yet , not even my file number.

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