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Owner/Operator LMIA Different forms | Canada Immigration Forum

Hi Everyone,

I tried searching all different threads related to Owner Operator LMIA process and different forms required but I could not find specific answers to my question hence creating a new thread. Or if someone can refer to me an existing thread, it will be great.

I am helping a family friend who is in the process of acquiring over 50% stake in an existing business in Canada. He is interesting in applying for Owner Operator LMIA to support his PR application in order to get enough points to qualify.

1) Which form should he fill out EMP 5593 or EMP 5526. I was told by the service canada he should fill out EMP 5593 however he can also consider filling out EMP 5526 (for high wage as per his NOC for his role in the business he is acquiring. Service canada could not confirm whether it will make a difference in the total number of points he would get with selecting either of these forms for LMIA once he has received a positive response.

2) Service Canada also confirmed that the business has to be in operation for at least a year. However, since my family friend is taking over an existing business (in operation for more than a year) it should be fine since they do not care of change in ownership per say. However, knowing their inconsistent approach in assessing LMIA, is this true? Has anyone had any experience with this?

3) As part of his LMIA application, is Business Plan must as part of supporting documents?


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