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OINP – Paper Based. Do I need a police certificate?

Hi guys, I applied for OINP under the international student stream and hopefully I’ll get my nomination soon. I’m trying to gather the documents I need to apply for paper-based PR but I have a doubt.

I came to Canada shortly after turning 18, ever since then I’ve only spent 4/5 months in my home country (not in a row). During my vacation time I’ve been going to Colombia (girlfriend’s from there) during my scheduled breaks, but at most, I’ve only been the 4-5 months in a row.

According to IRCC’s page, I don’t need a police certificate from the time I’ve been in Canada. If this is true, “on paper” I don’t need any police certificate but that’s just…weird.
If I get asked to submit a police certificate later on, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it as my national ID expired during my pandemic (it’s a requirement to get a police certificate) and the only way to renew it’s travelling to my home country, which I can’t do right now without losing implied status.

For Colombia, according to IRCC’s instructions, I need a file number before requesting a police certificate.

Any ideas?


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