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Offer Letter from Canadian Employer

Hello @primaprime, Thank you for your reply. let me make things to make you more clear about it.

The person who is there is my friend and he asked me to tell whatever you want to write on the offer letter and i will do it, and he doesn’t know any process or anything about LMIA. I heard that, before applying LMIA, the employer has to advertise the job and if he couldn’t find the right person for that position then he can apply for LMIA. He has a small Supermarket there.

Now I will appreciate if you clarify a few things.

1- Does it require to advertise the job before applying for LMIA?
1.1- if yes, then how can he advertise a job?
1.2- Of course there will be many suitable candidates to get that job. how will he secure that position for me?

2- Since he doesn’t know the process, can I apply LMIA using his information or it is mandatory to apply physically?

3- As i said, its a small supermarket, what kind of job will be suitable to give offer letter? because i don’t want to get LMIA rejected.

4- Lets assume, everything goes well, i get the LMIA, do i have to apply for express entry if yes, then under which category?

Thank you in advance and appreciate your detailed response.


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