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Non accompanying spouse to accompanying after COPR

Hi I am in exactly the same situation as yours. I already like the VO know that my spouse will accompany me now because we do not want to do long-distance anymore. The VO ask me to pay processing fee and RPRF for my spouse, as well as to upload a letter of explanation.

I know that if marrying after got COPR/AOR, adding spouse would not trigger a recalculation of score. However I am not sure what’s the case for us who wanna change spouse’s status from accompanying to accompanying? Do you have any clues now? I feel like it may be ok (or it depends on the VO) because the VO already ask me to pay for my spouse. Is it possible that the VO will recalculate our score at a later stage?

Could any expert advise what should I do now? Thanks~

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