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NOC CODE HELP!!!!!!!!! | Canada Immigration Forum

Please see my revised full letter. How does this look?

Citizenship and Immigration Services Canada
Dear Sir/Madam,

XXXXX is a division of XXX Pvt. Ltd. (The xxx Group). It is the first company in XX to establish a completely integrated and automated state-of-the-art factory for processing frozen xxx in retail bags being mainly exported to America and Europe. Our customers are major xxx chains like xxx etc. in Canada.

This letter is to confirm that Nancy Jean is a full time employee at xxx. working 40 hours per week since xxx in the role of Coordinator.

Her Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

· Supervise and coordinate the activities of cross-functional teams such as Production, Logistics and Administration.

· Supervising and ensuring available inventory stock at the plant in India, production plans and order confirmation of frozen xxx.

· Coordinate with customers like xxx and xxx Quality Assurance team to ensure all the logos, design and product adhere to Canadian regulations.

· Review shipping documentation, such as Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, Packing Lists, Canada Customs and Certificate of Origin.

· Analyze and create effective ways to improve day to day operational objectives and improve efficiency.

· Track and oversee every shipment using the steamship line’s website and inform the customer of its arrival on a regular basis

· Train and educate team members on job duties, customs procedures, documentation and other policies.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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