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NOC code for Taxpayer Service Agent

Is there anyone who knows the NOC code for Taxpayer Service Agent? They are government employees, work in CRA call centers. If we consider them as revenue agent then NOC is 1228 (skill level B), but if we consider call center agent – customer service then the NOC is 6552 (skill level C).

According to one job posting in CRA website, key duties include:

  • providing explanations and/or clarification to clients over the telephone in response to enquiries concerning the filing and processing of Individual Tax Returns
  • explaining various social programs administered by the CRA
  • gathers information from taxpayers to establish the precise nature of their enquiry or request
  • researches possible responses or solutions using a variety of internal and external information sources
  • techniques and practices used to operate various computer applications and systems required to enter information, research, analyze and resolve questions or problems and requests raised by taxpayers, including payment reconciliation

Another job posting:

As a Taxpayer Services Agent, you must:
Respond to a variety of enquiries or requests related to Individuals income tax matters, CRA administered programs and related individuals account.
Perform various calculations to determine tax or CRA administered program requirements, elections, entitlements, or administrative relief.
Accept payment arrangements where applicable and authorized, within established parameters.

The pool established from this staffing process may be used to staff similar positions.


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