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NOC code for social media coordinator

Hello all,

My duties in my job was as follows:
• Support planning and execution of social media plans for company’s client.
• Coordinate social media projects for the company’s client within a team with designers, content writers and account manager.
• Oversee and assist with the creation of social media content.
• Measure the success of social media campaigns based on contracts with the company’s client.
• Prepare and assist with monthly and annual performance reports.
• Arrange and execute interviews with client’s customers to support content creation.
• Gather inquiries on social media and coordinate the process of answering inquiries with client’s marketing department.
• Manage social media accounts for company’s clients.

Another job:
• Gather, research and prepare communications materials such as communications plan and social media posts for external audiences.
• Gather inquiries about the restaurant from external audience and coordinate answering process.
• Prepare or oversee preparation of reports, briefs, and presentations.
• Plan, execute and monitor brand social media accounts.
• Prepare concepts for product shooting.
• Coordinate and design visual elements with photographer for digital platforms.

Do you think both of them qualify for NOC 1123?



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