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NOC code for Math Tutor ?

Hi friends,
I have a question regarding my NOC code. I will be so much grateful if help me. I’ve been living in Canada for more than four years. I’ve Master degree (in Math) from Western University in London, ON.

I’ve been working in Canada as a Math tutor for private learning centers for more than one year; which provide tutoring to secondary school and University students to improve their grades in academic Math courses. In India, I worked on the same position for 2 years.

And, for another 2 years in India, I worked with coaching centers. These coaching centers are slightly different from tutoring centers. They don’t help to improve grades in courses that students take in high schools/college. They prepare students for University/College entrance exams for business schools, Engineering schools etc. (like CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT entry exams). They also train for aptitude exams for bank probationary Officers or clerk position. I am want to make it clear, In India, there is a written entry exam for any kind of Govt. position (from Clerk to Bank manager every position)
Now, I am applying for PR in Canada. But now one knows which NOC code best represents my work as a “Math Tutor” or “Entrance exam coach or Instructor”.

I have been discussing this matter with immigration consultant. One of them suggested me that NOC-4216 is my code. Description of this code mentions “Tutors for Secondary School courses” but doesn’t talk about Main duties of a Tutors at all.
Another guy told me that 4021 is my code. But this category doesn’t talk about tutors or teachers who teaches in private tutoring centers and provide coaching for university entrance or job entrance exams. According to the information that I gathered from online forums, this category is for the college instructors or corresponding teachers/tutors who work for Govt. accredited Colleges level institutes. (Accredited by Govt. means the college have rights to give a diploma or degree to students if they pass the program.)

The third consultant told me, NOC Agency made a mistake, they should have counted University level tutors (which work for private tutoring/coaching centers) in NOC-4021. This employment category should be address in NOC 4021 as there is a big private coaching/tutoring industry for college/university level courses and exams. And I have been working in the same field in Canada for almost 2.5 years. Kindly reply me asap.

Thank you so so much.
D. Singh

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