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Noc Code 1221 Office Coordinator CEC

Hi there. Can you please check out duties of my noc code 1221 as a Dental Office Coordinator for matching up lead statement and main duties?

His daily responsibilities include, but were not limited to the following:
• Coordinate dental inventory and control on dental office budget
• Manage in ordering of dental and office supplies and equipment as needed
• Oversee patient-management software (Tracker) and ensure accurate patient records including charting, client’s files, x-rays and treatment plans
• Prepare treatment plans and estimates for the patients as directed by Dentist
• Determine and establish standard dental operating procedures
• Set up dental office priorities including continuity of patient care and patient flow
• Coordinate day to day operations of dental office including facilities planning and utilization of resources
• Coordinate a daily schedule chart audit and make paper copies for each dental treatment room
• Update financial, medical and insurance information when a patient arrives
• Generate financial statements and daily end reports for Dentist
• Invoice patients for dental services according to insurance coverage as well as follow up with insurance company if needed
• Assist in scheduling and booking appointments
• Participate in staff meeting and staff training
• Maintain clear communication of issues within the dental unit
• Manage patient calls and inquiries about appointments, confirmations, reschedules and cancellations
• Advise the Dental Office Staffs or Health and Safety Representative on Occupational Health and Safety issues affecting clinic staff
• Understand and ensure RCDSO dental policies, practices and guidelines are adhered to within the dental office
• Respect and maintain confidentiality for all patients according to all applicable standards and the Privacy Act
• Participate in appropriate professionaldevelopment and continuing education as required
• Ensure storage, packaging and collection of infectious wastes/sharps in accordance with the dental office infection control/sharp policy


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