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Need Help Urgently regarding canada AIP

On 15th June 2020 I applied for study permit. On 30th june I deferred my admission for the next year 2021. In August 2020 the new guidelines regarding study permit and PGWP came. I asked my college if they can cancel my deferral but they said its not possible so I applied for another college for sep 2020 intake. In the meanwhile I got AIP approval letter (my first stage got clear). I received LOA of the new college and started my classes on 8th September. I forgot to inform IRCC about the change of college which I did after 18 days via web form. Will my AIP be assessed again? Will it affect my second stage? ( the new college deadline for withdrawl date is 29th sep and if my permit decision will come after 29th.. no matter whatever be the reason I won’t get any refund) Please help and advice what should I do?


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