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Need Help : PNP or EEP

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for advice related to option which one is best suitable for me to proceed further for Permanent residency in Canada.Below I am explaining in detail because I am so confused to choose one option between express entry or provincial nominee program .

Currently on PGWP ( received in May 2020 and valid until 2023 ).
Canadian study : 1 year post diploma program from Alberta.
Another 1 year certificate program also from Alberta.
Means total 2 Canadian credentials.
Indian study : Bachelor’s in nursing science ( 4 years)
Experience ( outside Canada ) : 3 years worked as clinical instructor in nursing college .( and I do not know this job title comes under which Noc ? but my consultant saying it comes under Noc B )
Ielts : L 8, R 6 , S 7, w 6
I moved to Ontario in March 2020 and started working as warehouse worker . Reason for moving to Ontario just to get job for simple earning because in Alberta I was not able to get full time job in that time ( Covid situation).
Now I am confused do I need to move back to Alberta but In Alberta I cannot get field job so I am not considering AINP option.

I am planning to get Noc B job in Ontario and want to go with Express entry option under Canadian experience class. Because my study does not meet the requirements of OINP. Because its one – one year program . and on top of that one program is post secondary certificate and second is post diploma .

Is I am selecting right option or do I need to move back to Alberta and need to go with Alberta express entry. OR can I choose more than one province in express entry profile means Ontario as well as Alberta while gaining experience in Ontario on Noc B job. My CRS score is 414, without any Canadian job experience .

Thank you

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