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Need advice for a friend (Inland-Withdraw-OWP)

Hi there!

Yesterday a friend of mine from Germany, gave me a bad news. To resume, his french partner who is a PR accepted to sponsor him in Canada. Few month after she started freaking out with being responsible for him for 3 years…and all the bad things that could happen along.

Well, things went really hard, they quit and she withdrew the application right after. He already got his OWP and he is current working in Montréal. I assume that once he hold a valid OWP he will be able to stay and keep working until the permit expires, right?!

My main question is: What are the options now? He already considered to come back to Germany, but is he able to apply for an economic process? Quebec still would be the best option or he could apply for the federal as well?

Thanks a lot!

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