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need advice — cannot apply for BC medical

Thank you everyone for your responses. It’s amazing to be able to hear other people’s experiences.

The guy I talked to on the phone at MSP yesterday (level 3) said “yes” when I asked if it was rejected, but today the first person I talked to said that it was still in progress and she transferred me to a level 3 operator and this person told me they need more information. A letter was sent on September 24. I Don’t have that still so I don’t know exactly what’s in it.

She said that you need either a letter from IRCC or the first 2 status pages when you login on the IRCC website. I don’t have any communication like everyone else and I can’t check the status online since it’s a paper application and sitting in a pile in Sydney. I even called IRCC support today and she said you just have to wait for it to get processed before you get a letter or can check status online. Be patient was the answer.

When I explained to the level 3 operator today that I can’t get the things she is saying we need, and that nobody can she said I should contact the operations director in writing. Also I was transferred to an information line about how to submit an appeal. That happened yesterday too. I guess I wait for the letter. Keep calling. Submit letters.

Wow I have to say this whole process is stressful. Full of unknowns. Can really make you feel like you’ve done something wrong by marrying a non-Canadian.

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