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My experience for PEQ and Arrima

Hello guys, I recently received my CSQ through Arrima program. I would like to share my life experience with all of the people who are applying or are ready to apply CSQ through PEQ and Arrima.

I initially applied old QSW program when I graduated from Concordia University in 2017 April, and my application was terminated by the famous bill 9 in 2019 Feb. Yes, my application got canceled after I waited for a whole year. Since I was having one-year OAB category working experience, I planned to move to other provinces. But later on, the promise from CAQ government stated that all the inland applicants from old QSW will be invited through arrima and got processed within 6 months. The promise changed my mind and I chose to stay in Montreal since I have been here for many years, I see it as my second hometown. It went through well, I got invited in the third round invitations in August. Since the government promised our application could be processed within 6 months, I was confident that I could have had my CSQ before my PGWP expired (it was expired in 2020 June). After waiting for another 3-4 months, I still did not receive my document list to submit a formal application. I checked arrima website, they have redefined the 6 months, stated that the 6 months counted from they received the complete documents they requested, which means there is no specific processing time I can expect if they just did not issue the document list. As my timeline showed, I received my document lists in March, submitted my document in May, and received my CSQ in August. Nows, I am contacting my previous employer to see if they can sponsor me a CWP with LMIA exception and I find it is not easy to find a new employer who is willing to do so for you.

I am not here to judge the CAQ party or the MIFI, because I believe they do what they do for the good of their voters, Immigration should not be and will never be the primary consideration of a government. Today, I saw people were asking how strong their chances to be invited through Arrima with their current points. I would like to talk a bit on this:

Arrima launched two rounds of invitation this year, they are all applicants from old QSW, it is about a totally of 30 persons. If you considered last year, except old QSW applicants, only people with VJO were invited.

1. I personally believed you will never be invited without VJO or you worked in AI or the nursing field which is in high demand.

2. Because last year, MIFI temporarily shut down PEQ, which caused a huge amount of unprocessed PEQ application pending. I do not think MIFI will have enough resources to invite people through arrima and process their applications this year but I wish I am wrong.

3. I would suggest most of you learn french as soon as possible if you qualify PEQ program either Student or Worker category, or go EE if you really hate French. The PEQ rules have just been modified this June, I do not think there are further changes as long as CAQ is in charge, which is being said that this is a safe way to go if you have solid French skill.

4. As I said, I was invited in 2019 August and received my CSQ in 2020 August. It took me one year to receive my CSQ. I would have gone another path (either EE or PEQ) if I knew it took me so long to receive it. Plus, I have another 22 months for the Federal stage. There are many stages in ARRIMA: invited, document request, and then CSQ released. You have no idea your application could be delayed in which stage or stages.

Wish all of you and your family the best luck in your immigration and stay healthy under pandemic.

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