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My application status check | Canada Immigration Forum


I am a principal applicant for Self-Employed Class under business immigration.

My timeline is as follows:

Received documents: Dec.24, 2018
AOR: March 2, 2019

My application status: (Sep, 2019)
-Reviewing of my eligibility
-No need additional documents
-Background check: in progress
-Final decision: in progress

I find my patience is running out these days. Because I recently heard another applicant, who was in the same status as mine, finally got rejected after ADR(additional document request). Before I knew it, I thought I am getting one step closer to Medical Exam Request.

Is there anyone who got the medical exam request after the same application status as above? I do not know my status is whether it’s ominous or not, at least is it a neutral process, neither positive nor negative?

If anyone shares with me, it would be of great relief to my current waiting.

Thanks in advance,

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