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Multiple ECAs done – Do I need to cancel ECAs not being used in final application?

Hi, I have a doubt regarding multiple ECAs – ECA 1 has bachelors and PG diploma, ECA 2 has only masters. If ECA 2 is only being used for the final application, do I need to ask cancellation of ECA 1 from the issuing agency/ deletion of PG diploma from ECA 1. Are the ECAs not mentioned in the application, also referred to during processing of application, since each ECA copy is already shared with IRCC by the agencies.

Does this situation cause any problem to the application. Anyone who had multiple ECAs, can you please confirm what did you do? Did you ask for cancellation of the other ECA to be able to use the one you wanted. I have heard applications get rejected if there are contradictory evaluation from the agencies.

Please advise.


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