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MSC Chemistrt from India – ECA or WES Report

Hey, I am going through the same confusion. I have done my BSc Biotechnology 3 year and MSc Biotechnology 2 year from NAAC credited grade A universities, but still can’t say they ll give me master’s or not.
There is only 1% chance that they give you or me Master’s, to be honest. The equivalency tool of WES always gives you Master’s equivalency but this is not reflected in the WES report, my friend had done B.Com from Delhi University (3 year,1st division with distiction) and (2year) from JNU that too with 70%, but her WES evaluation came as Bachelor’s. She had to go for “two or more” option thing. I till date have not seen any applicant getting master’s after 3+2 BSc and MSc. Even I am highly disappointed.
The equivalency tool has given me Master’s don’t know will it reflect in my results or not, I’ll be getting them next week.
You also please keep us updated about your’s, maybe we can give some genuine positive hope to each other.
All the best!!! hope some miracle happens for us.

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