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Minimum Income for new immigrant sponsoring Parents 2020

Hello all,

I am a Canadian PR who moved to Canada this year after “landing” about 2 years ago since I was working in the US at the time. After moving to Canada, I have made an outland spousal PR sponsorship application for my wife (who is currently living with me) about a month ago and it is still processing. I would like to apply for PR for my parents (since PGP 2020 will open soon) but have the following questions and would really appreciate your help with the answers, thanks!

– I have never filed tax in Canada in the past three years since I did not live here. Next year will be first year when I file tax in Canada. Hence I do not have any CRA notices for income proof in past years. I believe I should be able to meet the minimum income requirements but I only have US tax filing to show as proof. Would this be enough? Or is it compulsory to show CRA notice as proof of income?
– Since I already applied to sponsor my wife’s PR, is that a problem if I am trying sponsor my parents as well?

Please advice, I greatly appreciate your time and help!



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