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Hi there!

I also applied outland through Mexico City. I mailed my application on Sept. 16th, it was sent to Mexico City on Oct 16th and I got a response from them on Nov. 6th saying that they had already received it, they said my application was incomplete and that I had to mail them my Departure Order (Didn’t get deported, left on my own, but I still got that letter) I went to the embassy like two weeks after that and dropped it off. I just got an email saying that I have to attend an interview on March 23rd. They haven’t asked me yet for my National Police Certificate so I find it odd.

I’ve also been arguing with them endlessly, because first they said that they wouldn’t ask me for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada, it takes a year to get), they said it was an error and that I didn’t need one (I still have the emails when they said that to me). I checked back with them like 6 months later to ask them if they had fixed it, and they now told me that I DO need one, but that they wouldn’t charge me the $400 CDN fee due to the “inconvenience” pffft, can you believe that!? Then on a separate email they told me that I could discuss about the ARC at my interview, so I’m taking the emails as proof.

What do you guys think? My case is very confusing! But I got surprised that they gave me the interview so soon! Any news with you guys?


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