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Medical Test – Blood in Urine

Hi folks,

I did my medicals last week and the doctor found some blood in my urine. He told me to do the exam again after a week. So I did. Today I went for the second urine test and the result turned out the same as last week. On the receipt it says: RBC +++ or put it in other words. Blood is +3 in my urine.

Now the doctor said he is going to upload the results tomorrow and he suggested that I need to go and follow up with my own doctor. And he said he has had patients like this before but he did not know of the PR results. He said it might be a simple infection. The receptionist also told me that at this point all I can do is to wait for CIC. If they get back to me for additional tests then I have to do them, if not, then there is no problem.

My question is: any of you guys had the same problem? What happens next? Is this going to be an excuse for a rejection? Should I be concerned? Fill me in with your experience.

Additional info:

Second Urine test was same as first, they took another blood test. (receptionist told me this is the guideline, if the second result is as same as first we need to do another blood test)
First blood test & X-ray test are very clear and clean, no problem at all, the receptionist told me.
I drank lots of water during the past week, but apparently it didn’t help much.

Your help is much appreciated.


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