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“Medical results have been received” after additional test???


I’m in the process of immigration to Canada visa Quebec Skilled Worker program.
( Permanent residence from within Canada – Sydney Nova Scotia)

I had first medical exam on April 28.
I’m a Hepatitis B Carrier. so I told about that.
Doctor uploaded my file on the internet.
But after 2 weeks, I had additional blood test HBV and HCV ( result: HBsAg +, Hepatitis C ab -: May 14 )
After Physician told me I need Serum ALT test. (result: normal – May 21)

Yesterday I found E-cas message.

On-Line Services

1.We received your application for permanent residence on December 22, 2014.
2.We started processing your application on June 8, 2015.
3.Medical results have been received.

In this case, am I pass the medical exam? or Are they asking additional test again?

I’ll waiting for the friendly reply.


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