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Linking PR Card Application to track PR Card after Landing (Flagpole/Landing Interview) is complete

Dear all!

If you are reading this, congratulations on completing your landing! I know you feel happy and relaxed. But some of your are little anxious as to when you’ll get your PR card. Very normal. :) So was I! :D

Here are some simple steps I have gathered from a couple of threads and trying to bring it on one thread.

Linking PR Card application;
1. Login into your CIC account as you usually do.
2. Reach the page where you click “Check full application status” to view your application and messages
3. But do not click on that rather click on ” Add (link) your application to your account”
4. Select the “Category” from the dropdown as “Permanent Resident Card”
5. Under Application Details, from “Please select one” select “Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and Family Name”
6. Put your UCI as it is NO SPACES and NO HYPHES
7. Put your Family Name as on you CoPR – UPPER and LOWER CASE matter here
8. The tricky one, Place of Birth Section. Here “City/town of birth” is very very crucial. Copy it as it is on your CoPR, any commas, upper/lower case, spaces, just copy it here.
9. Select your “Country/territory of birth” from the drop down
10. Next section is pretty easy as you just select your “Date you became a permanent resident” from dropdown. This is the day you did your landing by either flagpole or landing interview
11. Put “Country of Citizenship” and “Current marital status” from dropdowns.
12. Click “Search for my application”, if all the inputs are correct then it will show you that the system has found your application. You just have to click Link my application to account and it will now be shown on “View the applications you submitted” page with your Permanent Residency application.
13. If after clicking “Search for my application” it show no application found, click Try again and try to input all the values carefully again. Each day it allows you 5 attempts. It it still doesn’t find your application, you can try again the next day.

Please let me know if you are successful or have any questions! :)

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