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Landing in Canada – does it matter from where?


I did a search of this forum on the question but came up empty. Apologies if it has been answered somewhere.

I just submitted my Spousal sponsorship application to Sydney Nova Scotia. I’m a US citizen living with my Canadian spouse in South Korea. it is an outland application.

We are trying to make plans for when exactly we would like to leave Korea. As I understand it, I could stay in Canada up to 6 months as a visitor even if my PR has not yet been approved. I understand I couldn’t work during this time. We are hoping that my wife will have a job to go to for July 2021, and that we could get to Canada for that time. Not holding my breath for PR to be granted by then, so assuming I’ll need to enter as a visitor.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Once PR is granted, am I going to have to fly all the way back to Korea before landing in Canada? Or can I land from anywhere (such as the U.S.)? It would be easy to take a quick day trip to the US and just come back.

Also, if we leave here while the application is still in process, can I update the address on my file to my wife’s Canadian address even though it is an outland application? Or should I make it my parents’ place in the US?

One final questions. I understand that interviews are not normally requested, but could happen. In the even an interview is requested, would I have to go all the way to Korea for it? That would seem laughably silly if I were in Canada or the US. I ask because, from what I’ve read, applications submitted from Korea will be processed at the Manila visa office. But I don’t know if this applies to US citizens residing in Korea, or just to Korean ctiziens, so any clarification would be welcome.

Thanks for any info :)

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