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Job Titles different in EE Application and PR Application.

Hi all,

I received ITA IN CEC – Inland. The Job Titles of my foreign work experience are different from the one mentioned in the NOC Code I am eligible for, but the Job Duties match, so that’s all good.

I was not aware of the fact that Job Titles does not need to be the exactly same word by word according to NOC Code prior to submitting my EE profile in the pool. I mistakenly mentioned Job Title according to NOC Code in my EE profile and I got ITA for it. In the PR application, I have written the Job Titles which are mentioned on my Reference Letters. WILL IT CREATE ANY PROBLEM in the application? I want to change the Job Titles in the EE Profile Application but its in ‘Transmitted’ mode, I cannot change it, but I can mention the original Job Titles in the PR application. I do not want my application to be rejected. Job Duties are the same only Job Titles are different.

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