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Job offer points on CEC

HI Everyone,

I have applied for PR under CEC, Including all my studies and work experience my points reaches up to 450. I have a valid Job Offer under NOC B from my current Employer but it is not an LMIA. Will I be able to request for additional points for Job Offer. If yes what options I would be selecting wrong which is making the score inaccurate?? Just an FYI I am right now in an open work Permit.

Below is my CRS Score Breakdown:

Human capital
Your score is based on factors such as your skills, education, Canadian work experience and language ability.

Human capital

Criteria Score
CRS – Human Capital – Age 110
CRS – Human Capital – Level of Education 128
CRS – Human Capital – First Official Language Proficiency 94
CRS – Human Capital – Second Official Language Proficiency 0
CRS – Human Capital – Canadian Work Experience 53

Your spouse’s score is based on their level of education, language ability and Canadian work experience.


Criteria Score
CRS – Spouse – Level of Education 0
CRS – Spouse – First Official Language Proficiency 0
CRS – Spouse – Canadian Work Experience 0

Skill transferability
Your score is based on your education, job experience and relevant qualifications (for trade occupations).

Skill transferability

Criteria Score
CRS – Skill Transferability – Education 50
CRS – Skill Transferability – Foreign Work Experience 0
CRS – Skill Transferability – Certificate of Qualification 0

Your score is based on factors such as a job offer, a nomination from a province or territory, siblings, French language skills and post-secondary Canadian education.


Criteria Score
CRS – Arranged Employment 0
Provincial/Territorial Nomination 0
CRS – Additional – PR or Canadian Sibling 0
CRS – Canadian education 15
CRS – Additional – French Proficiency or Bilingualism 0

Thanks in advance.


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