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IRCC: Studying More Than 50% Online Due to COVID Won’t Fetch points for Express Entry

IRCC’s has only been talking about how online studies impact PGWP but never mentioned how it would impact Express Entry. Someone mentioned this on another thread but I decided to ignore it. Lo and behold! I checked their Twitter page to see replies to people with similar concerns, and they confirmed that studying more than 50% online due to COVID won’t count as Canadian Education under Express Entry, hence no points. Mind you, they said the exact opposite earlier before (you will get points if you studied online due to COVID). These new replies suddenly started rolling out to multiple people at the end of today. This is now ultimate F*ckery from IRCC. Students are already really stressed in these uncertain times. We don’t know when we’ll travel. We don’t know if rules regarding PGWP will change. We don’t know if it makes sense to keep studying online. We don’t know if we’ll be approved eventually for a study permit. Should we keep working? Or should we focus on studies. The time difference. The horrible internet bandwidth. VACs in India remaining closed until the end of October; as if people should wait over 6 months, then spend one more in suspense studying online without any guarantee. Then they add this. Smh. We’re exhausted. We really are.

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