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IRCC request letter of employment and paystubs

Sorry to open this new thread
I am under MPNP program. I sent my application in April, 2018.
Last friday, I finally got an email from IRCC asking to do the medical exam as well as to submit additional documents.
They ask me to send the 2018 t4, bank statement, letter of employment and last 4 paystubs. My situation is I left my old job in late June, and now I am only working part time since October. Will it affect my application?

Here are the documents they required

 Letter of employment from B stating occupation, duties, salary and length of employment, and from new employer, if applicable.

 2018 T4

 Last 4 paystubs issued to you by B and new employer, if applicable.

 Detailed bank statements for the last 4 months.

Does anyone know why they need this?

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