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I am trying to get my masters degree evaluated by IQAS. Do we need to send them the bachelors degree transcripts also for them to evaluate the masters degree?

Section B of the checklist which is mandatory to be sent with the application form to IQAS is little confusing :

It says “Secondary school academic documents included: (if you wish to have only your post-secondary education assessed, secondary school documents are not required)” – which I understand is if we want to get bachelors/masters degree evaluated, we don’t need to send secondary school documents(which is 12th grade?).

Also “Post-Secondary academic documents included:” has fields for photocopy of degree/diploma, photocopy of transcripts, transcripts issued by fields printed twice. Would that be for people who would be getting their masters and bachelors evaluated together in one application, to use one set of fields for each degree?

Please advise.


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