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Intra Company Transfer | Canada Immigration Forum

HI there

I am new to this forum and I am interested in the Intra Transfer Company Route. I happen to stumble upon couple your post in this forum.

I have researched a lot online, speaking to lawyers etc. Everyone has suggested that in ICT one can apply for PR after one year.

Request if one can kindly assist when can we actually apply for PR under ICT?
Is it possible to apply after 4 months under ICT in EE program for PR?
Does Canada Services check after one year for renewal of work permit of what we stated in our business proposal?
What if we did not achieve the expected as per the business plan? Will we get extension of work permit?

Request if you can kindly revert back to some of these queries as even after paid consultations consultants don’t tell the right thing.

Warm Regards,

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