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Intention to live outside Quebec

NEVER EVER EVER DO IT. Complete your 3 years in UAE. Apply express entry and come to Canada as a PR.

Don’t even think of applying Quebec CSQ, because ideally if you are in Quebec, EE is not the approach and you have go thru Quebec immigration process. You will have grown roots by the time you get a PR ( that is if you are lucky to get a CSQ from the red taped Quebec immigration dept. within 2-3 years and Federal 16 months after you get CSQ, total maybe 4 years wait time in a happy path) . Comb thru the forums and my various posts. So CSQ Quebec is a big no no. Quebec does their own evaluation of what they think your education is worth. A masters graduate recently got 0 points for his education as per Quebec’s immigration dept evaluation and they rejected the application.

Now If you apply Express Entry while living in Gatineau, Quebec, its a hit or miss. 50% will be your chances. Your intention has to be convincing enough for the visa officer. Many have got it thru though. But why risk your chances when Federal Outland applications are processed faster than inland applicants.

My advice will be this: , Finish your 3 years and apply EE as outland applicant from UAE. You will have PR max within 6 months unless your case is complicated or goes for security screening (rare)

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