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Insufficient proof of cohabitation and more proof of relationship

Hi everyone!

I’m sponsoring my husband (US citizen) from inland. We just received a notice saying we didn’t provide sufficient proof of cohabitation. We’re struggling to find enough proof to send. We live with my parents, who do not charge us rent/utilities ect so we don’t have any bills of leases to send. We already submitted a signed letter from my parents to confirm this when we applied. We also previously submitted a bank statement for joint account, various things addressed to us at this address, and phone bills for us each with the same address. We now have my husband’s work permit, Ontario drivers license, credit card account in my name with him as an authorized user, and a letter from my sister and her fiance stating we’ve lived at the same address for X amount of time and they have visited us there regularly. What else can we submit to show that we have lived together for the last year??

They also requested we send more proof of relationship, because there was a 3 year gap between our wedding and when we applied for my husband’s PR. The gap is because we originally applied for me to move to the States, but had some trouble with that and ultimately decided he would move here. We are going to submit a letter explaining this, plus the confirmations and copies of my paperwork for US immigration. We also have several travel itineraries and flight receipts from that period as well (not every one but most), and social media posts showing us together during visits in that time. Anything else we should show?

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