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Inland Spousal Sponsorship – Police Certificate India

Hi there, my spouse and I married in Feb 2019. October 2018 brought with them the Indian Police Clearance certificate. They’ve travelled back and forth every 4-5 months between India and Canada. Lastly, in March 2020, my spouse joined me in Canada still on visitor visa, and we applied Inland in September 2020 with OWP.

We attached the 2018 certificate, however my spouse has been in Canada for longer than 6 months (over by 5 days) and continues to stay here with me as we applied for inland spousal. We ticked BOTH Canada and India police certificate options and attached the indian one for now, as my spouse is here for longer than 6 months, will the application be OK? I’m guessing they’ll ask for a Canadian certificate probably when the file is reviewed?

Should we get an Indian Police certificate to attach to file now? We received the temporary AOR on Monday.


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