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Inland – Spousal Sponsorship | Canada Immigration Forum

We got married on Jan 4, 2020 in Canada. My spouse was on visitor visa since last 4 years. She has been in and out of States. Since then, she had applied for Study Permit (rejected), 1st Visitor Status extension (approved), Express Entry (rejected), 2nd Visitor Status extension (rejected) She received a letter from IRCC on Feb 18th 2020, that the her 2nd visitor extension was rejected and was asked to leave Canada. Visitor Visa is valid until Nov 25 2020

When her visitor status expired on Nov 30th 2019, she still had 90 days to file for restoration. So after she got refusal on Feb 18th 2020, we applied for restoration on Feb 20th, including explanation letter, marriage certificates. Unfortunately, I got laid-off from my job as well on Feb 20th due to budget-cuts at my company. I am not planning to apply for EI now. I have interviewed at couple of places since last 2 weeks, and I am hoping to hear back soon.

Incase if I do not get any job offers, what should I attach to the Employment/Source of income? Can I attach pay slips from previous employment?

When I was employed, I did added my spouse to the employment benefits. But I guess that’s not valid anymore, because it expired on Feb 28. What proof should I show for Shared expenses? Can I show gift purchase receipts, previous medical expenses, cash transfer to her bank acct for general expense?

Should I attach additional documents or just follow the checklist? Like including cover letter?

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

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