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Inland Sponsorship May 2020 | Canada Immigration Forum

Hello am gathering my inland spousal pr application but have some qns about the app my dependant child ( adopted) is in my home country uganda
1. On the generic form where they ask if will your dependant child company the principal applicant to canada me ( The principal applicant am already in canada so do I say yes, and if so does my dependant child get the pr visa when I get my pr approved

2. Do I have to include my Canadian husband as my depedant,
3 on the relationship information and sponsorship declaration part c, 3
Are you living together if yes how long have you cohabited ( living together) ? Give the Period (s) you have been living together after your conjugal relationship started?
Do I have to mention even the times my husband came visiting me in my home country try or I should mention the period I moved in with him in canada

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