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Inland Quebec spousal sponsorship in 2020

Hi. I am an Inland applicant. We have doubts about the CSQ timeline. We jus got the payment charged on the credit card, but we don`t have an AOR from this yet.

I share my timeline.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship+OWP Quebec
Sponsor Canadian PA Mexican
Married in Mexico 26 July 2019
Arived to Canada 28 December 2019 on Tourist Visa

Open Work Permit
App Sent 4th February 2020
App Submitted 19 August 2020
App Aproved + New eTa 02 September 2020
OWP Received in mail September 11 2020
Temporary SIN requested 16 September 2020
Teporary SIN received by mail 25 September 2020

Visitor Record Extension
Applied March 2020
Approved June 2020

Sponsorship Application
App Sent 4th February 2020
App Received 6th February 2020
AoR 13th August 2020
CSQ request: 31 August 2020
CSQ sent by mail 17 September 2020
CSQ payment applied 25 September 2020

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