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Inland Dependent Child Sponsorship While Unemployed

Hello, it’s me again, I’ve had some posts on here before about immigration in general, but this I think is the most important one yet.

While I’ve read on the Canada gov website that sponsorships while on EI or CERB won’t affect the eligibility, I do have some doubts. I was on EI parental leave for 35 weeks from Sep 2019 to May 2020. Currently, I am receiving CERB since June 2020 since I am not eligible for EI anymore and I couldn’t find work due to COVID. My wife landed officially on Sep 10, 2020 with my 1 year old son and I am sponsoring him who is a US Citizen (reference thread) while we are here in Ontario.

Can my sponsorship for my child be denied because of unemployment and/or me being on government benefits such as CRB? I have savings/funds to support my child and my wife until I can get a job and I have written a letter stating the reason as to why on the Financial Evaluation form. My wife is 7 weeks pregnant as well and had never worked since she got pregnant with my 1 year old in the beginning of January 2019.

Thank you.


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