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Information required about NOC 1111

Please check below the Job Responsibilities and tell me that is it possible to qualify under NOC 1111.

General Ledger
1. Ensure account balances are accounted for correctly and make adjusting entries when necessary.
2. Maintain proper records, documentation and supporting for journal entries.
3. Ensure all journal entries are booked before General Ledger (GL) closing.
4. Perform monthly bank reconciliations for disbursement & collection accounts before the 14th of every month.
5. Ensure all inter-company accounts are reconciled and cleared.
6. Check completeness of petty cash receipts against reimbursements; prepare Request for Payment (RFP), process Cheque Payment Voucher (CPV) & cancellation of receipts.
7. Ensure Capital Work in Progress (CWIP) clearing accounts are cleared and CWIP accounts are properly supported with contractor ledger or invoices.
8. Prepare monthly schedules for accrued expenses/prepayment accounts of various projects of company; check and verify completeness of supporting documents for monthly/quarterly accruals.
9. Compilation of information/supporting documents & preparation of audit schedules for external and internal audit.
10. Prepare ageing report on quarterly basis and reconcile ageing of Accounts Payable with General Ledger balance.
11. Monthly review of trial balance & detailed account analysis.
12. Prepare quarterly reconciliations for all inter company accounts and follow-up on any reconciliation items in a timely manner.
13. Analyse all the expense accounts.
14. Prepare schedule for all clearing accounts & ensure there are no un-posted journals & monthly closing of books.
Fixed Assets
1. Maintain Fixed Asset register
2. Review of Capital Expenditure (Capex) on a monthly basis.
3. Fixed Assets monthly closing.
4. Assisting the Team Leader during the internal / statutory audits.
5. Liaise with IT for various report requirements, closing issues, etc.

Accounts Receivable
1. Record sales invoices and collection of receivables.
2. Processing customer refunds for approved booking cancellations / excess payments within the reasonable time and arranging for the bank transfer / cheque payment.
3. Prepare bank reconciliations on a monthly basis to ensure appropriate and timely recordings & clear bank reconciliation items.
4. Prepare monthly ageing report and reconcile ageing of Accounts Receivables with General Ledger balance.
5. Maintain customer ledgers in the system.
6. Accounts Receivable month end closing.
7. Assisting the Team Leader during the internal / statutory audits.
8. Liaise with IT for various report requirements, closing issues, etc.
Accounts Payable
1. Ensuring all supplier invoices are approved in line with the companies set policies and supported by the Capital Expenditure (Capex) and Operating Expenditure (Opex).
2. Accounting supplier invoices in Oracle and Maximo systems, processing payments and arranging for the bank transfer.
3. Creating new supplier account / updating the supplier master in Oracle system.
4. Reconciling supplier accounts on quarterly basis and clearing the outstanding issues if any in coordination with the departments.
5. Accounts Payable month end closing.
6. Assisting the Team Leader during the internal / statutory audits.


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