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Indian PCC in Dubai – Process

First thing amongst all the PCC’s I am applying to and I’ve been in multiple countries, the process for India is most complex. Which is an irony given I am an Indian citizen.

If you are in the UAE – and I’ll talk about Dubai as I am based there. Here’s the process
1. Ensure you have a Dubai PCC in place. It’s an easy process.
2.. You need 6 photos (2 in by 2 in) – White background with a dark coloured clothing. (Ensure its dark. Mine wasn’t. I had my passport issued with a light shirt but PCC cannot be!!!!)
3. Download the form EAP 2 from the BLS site
4. Keep copies of your passport, visa, emirates id
5. Write a letter addressed to The Consultate General of India in the UAE requesting issuance of the letter
6. Carry a document checklist from your CIC application
7. Visit the BLS office. They will first check these documents and then scribble on your form addressing the Indian consulate (But Dubai) to approve it.
8. You then take this and give it there. Will take you half an hour and you will get it back with a green colored scribble of the approval (Can go between 8 am – 12 noon)
9. Its good to take a print of the Personal Particulars Form first itself ( – I was asked to fill this finally with no intimation on my first trip. Fill one and take 2 copies (for a total of 3) – attach photos on all 3
10. Return back to BLS with these.
11. Again go to the reception. They will check and give you a token.
12. It may take anything between 1.5 – 2 hours for your turn.
13. Hand it over to the person. Alongwith your passport. Ya you need to hand in your passport.
14. Payment of AED 147
15. You get a receipt stating 5 days. No I’m waiting

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