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Indian Chartered Accountant (CA) Applicants for Canada PR

First thing that I would like to know is that :

Is CA articleship – 3 years of full time paid internship is considered as work experience? Is it counted as Work Experience for Express Entry Canada ?
One the one hand, Many of my friends told me that it’s not counted as work experience because it was the part of the course and according to Canadian website any internship did as part of the course is considered as study and not work experience.

On the other hand , I had met an Indian CA who said his 3 years articleship experience is counted as work experience and I have also seen on this forum where people had shared that their CA articleship is considered as valid work experience and they have even received visa on that basis and along with that, I have seen that in NOC 1111 there is a. Job title mentioned CA student and even the job responsibilities are also matching with what I did in my training tenure.

So what’s the conclusion ?
Is 3 years of Articleship counted as valid work experience or not ?
This is a big dilemma !!! Please help ![/QUOTE

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